About Friends of Rathmines

Setup in 2008, Friends of Rathmines is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the ongoing upkeep of Rathmines Park, and recognising its historical importance to the local community, this country and our military history.

In 2009 we released our first publication entitled "Rathmines ...Not Forgotten" which touches on the history of the base, as well as personal stories from several personnel involved in the former RAAF flying boat base. In 2014 we followed this up with our second publication "Rathmines ...Revisited", alongside this release we have a souvenir photo book "Rathmines & friends - Reflecting on a special moment in time". Both of these books are still available for purchase at $35 and $30 respectively (plus p & h), for more details please contact us

Our Acknowledgement

Since our formation in 2008 we have endeavoured to do our best to represent, acknowledge and honour those service men and women who served at RAAF Rathmines. Joy and Alec were to visit, telephone or write to many of these Veterans (or their relatives) having served at Rathmines during the conflict of WWII.

Initially we had 92 service personnel as members on our books. It is to be noted… that all active service members were Honorary member, yet there were those who insisted on contributing. Many were of their 90 years plus, few had passed beyond the century (100). Sadly over the years some of them have passed away, generally the ‘Friends’ were advised by a relative.

During these last few years we did not publish this final event. However, as President I think it proper to at least acknowledge that ‘farewell’.Therefore, we would like to acknowledge and say thank you to those loyal members and friends who, we know, have sadly said goodbye:

With hand on heart, I hereby acknowledge those passing members.

Name Rank Service No. Member No.
AUHL Doreen G ACW WAAAF 107771 130
BOWDEN Daniel CPO RAN   145
BRITTON Patrick LAC RAAF 134289 114
BOOTH Donald RAAF   182
CAHILL Arthur RAAF   82
CLELLAND Neville LAC RAAF 136215  
CREEK Harold WO RAAF 3908  
DODDS Heather Sgt WAAAF 97600 69
DOCKER Elvie ACW WAAAF 98623 36
DONOHOE Ernest R RAAF   29
FOLEY Thomas RAAF   77
HOPKINS Leonard W CPS RAAF 306706 146
HONSON Eddie WO RAAF A2587  
JONES Albert Sgt RAAF 34237 113
HURT Lyn Sqd Ldr RAAF 250623  
JONES Charles WO RAAF 10433  
JONES Ross LCpl RAAF 132197 28
LONDISH Ivan J Sgt RAAF 20603 71
Mc KENZIE Joan (nee Searle) ACW RAAF 108659  
NEILSON Keith Cpl RAAF 66957  
O’CONNOR Lionel LAC RAAF 440342 39
PRIEST Gordon FLT RAAF 312180 103
PEPPER Shirley ACW RAAF 108286 134
KYRWOOD Robert ‘Bob’ RAAF    
SHRUBB Gordon Cpl RAAF 3534 46
TURNER Kelso ‘Kel‘ Cpl RAAF 63311  
TAUBMAN Keith H RAAF   135
RAWLE Laurie LAC RAAF 73249 19